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Rithy Panh, dir. The Missing Picture (L’image manquante) - 2013

Cambodia's Khmer Rouge atrocities between 1975 and 1979.

Ruzowitzky, Stefan, dir. Das radikal Böse - 2013

Documentary about the Nazi Einsatzgruppen, based on Browning's Ordinary Men

Scheuring, Paul, dir. The Experiment - 2010

American remake of German film Das Experiment

Schlink, Bernhard. The Reader [Der Vorleser] - 1995

A novel exploring the complexity of guilt and responsibility in Post-War Germany

Sereny, Gitta. Into That Darkness - 1974

Portrait of Franz Stangl, Commandant of Sobibor and Treblinka

Staub, Ervin. “Obeying, Joining, Following, Resisting” - 2014

Study of the role of personality in relation to the Milgram experiments

von Trotta, Margarethe, dir. Hannah Arendt - 2012

A film on Hannah Arendt, focusing on her report on the Eichmann trials

Westerling, Raymond. Mijn Memoires… - 1952

The memoirs of KNIL officer Raymond Westerling.

Zimbardo, Philip. The Lucifer Effect - 2007

Revisiting the Stanford prison experiment