Perpetrator Studies Network


“Denial, silence and the politics of the past: Unpicking the opposition to truth recovery in Northern Ireland” by Cheryl Lawther - 2013

Unionist opposition to formal truth recovery, related to science and denial.

“Functions of collective victimhood: Political violence and the case of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.” by Orla Lynch and Carmel Joyce - 2018

The function of collective victimhood in Northern Ireland, connected to violence

“Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow”: Lone-Actor Terrorism, Masculinity, and the 1966 Bombing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa - 2019

A case study of a bombing attack in Ottawa in 1966 by Paul Joseph Chartier.

“Interpreters of the Dead: Forensic Knowledge, Human Remains and the Politics of the Past” by Claire Moon - 2013

Can forensic anthropology provide objective scientific evidence of atrocities?

“Learning to Live Together: Transitional Justice and Intergroup Reconciliation in Northern Ireland” by Nevin T. Aiken - 2010

Reconciliation using a social psychological framework and identity negotiation.

“Playing Perpetrators: Interrogating Evil in Videogames about Violent Conflicts” by Holger Pötzsch and Emil Lundedal Hammar - 2019

The effect of video games on perception of perpetrators and violent conflict.

“Victims as moral beacons: victims and perpetrators in Northern Ireland” by John D. Brewer and Bernadette C. Hayes. - 2011

Moving away from victim as moral beacon: multiple victimhood in Northern Ireland

“Enforced Reconciliation without Justice: The Absence of Procedural, Retributive, and Restorative Justice in the “Comfort Women” Agreement of 2015” by Jahyn Chun. - 2021

Analysis of the failure of the 2015 Comfort Women agreement.

“Japanese Military Sexual Slavery on Trial: Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal in Tokyo in 2000” by Michiko Nakahara. - 2015

Japanese Military Sexual Slavery as a war crime and the WIWCT in Tokyo.

“Moral Injury in Literature” Joshua Pederson - 2020

The article introduces the category of moral injury in literature.