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“Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow”: Lone-Actor Terrorism, Masculinity, and the 1966 Bombing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa - 2019

A case study of a bombing attack in Ottawa in 1966 by Paul Joseph Chartier.

1968 and the Participation of Women Fighters During the Lebanese Civil War - 2018

What impact did 1968 have on female participation in the Lebanese civil war?

Achugar, Mariana. What we remember: The Construction of Memory in Military Discourse - 2008

Uruguayan military discourse about human rights violations in the dictatorship

Adams, Jenni. Reading (as) Violence in Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones - 2011

The effect of perpetrator fiction on readers' ethical sensibilities

Adorno, T.W. et al. The Authoritarian Personality - 1950

Argues that a certain personality type makes people susceptible to fascism

Alexander, Jeffrey. “Toward a Theory of Cultural Trauma” - 2004

American sociologist providing a theory of cultural trauma

Almereyda, Michael, dir. Experimenter - 2015

A biopic of Stanley Milgram's life and experiments

Alvarez, Alex. Militias and Genocide - 2006

The role and composition of militias in genocide

Amis, Martin. Time’s Arrow - 1991

A Nazi perpetrator's life story in reverse chronology

Arendt, Hannah. Eichmann in Jerusalem - 1963

Arendt's account of the Eichmann trial, origin of the phrase 'banality of evil'