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Welcome to the Network’s collaborative annotated bibliography!

Work on this bibliography began in the Spring of 2017 with the aim of producing a comprehensive, searchable, dynamic, and user-friendly bibliography of perpetrator studies as a field. This is a collaborative effort, and we encourage you to submit entries for any text that you consider to be important for the field. These can be everything from “canonical” texts or more specialised texts on specific cases and contexts. Ultimately, the ambition is to have a “map” of the field.

If you would like to submit an entry please provide the following information in the submission form:

  1. Short title
    Last name, first name. Short Title (year)
  2. Short description
    A very short description of ca. 10 words or 60-70 characters
  3. Description
    A longer description of ca. 100-200 words, summarising the argument and giving a sense of the text’s relevance or significance.
  4. Full citation
    Please provide full citation in Chicago style.
  5. Link
    If applicable and useful, please provide a link (e.g. to the publisher’s website or the DOI for articles, etc.)
  6. Type
    Please specify the type.
  7. Keywords
    Please add a number of relevant keywords to make the entry searchable (at least 3)

All entries will be moderated before publication on the site.


I’d like to thank the students of the annual Utrecht University CLS Perpetrator Studies Masterclass for contributing entries to the bibliography: Melissa Geerars, Maarten Gooskens, Lauren Hoogen-Stoevenbeld, and Shannon O’Reilly (2017 Masterclass); Chih-Hen Chang, Lotte van den Eertwegh, Nynke Hartvelt, and Eline Reinhoud (2018 Masterclass); Sofía Forchieri, Lisanne Meinen, Lisanne van Rossum, and Claudia Vasquez-Caicedo Rainero (2019 Masterclass); Alyssa Vreeken, Martijn Loos, Mateusz Miesiac, and Runcong Liu (2020 Masterclass); Marit van de Warenburg, Hannah Jacobsen, and Meritxell Espona Vinyeta (2020 Tutorial); Anne van Buuren, Bilyana Manolova, Sabria Schouten, and Nienke Veenstra (2022 Masterclass); Tom van Bunnik, Hagar Abdalbar, Dagmar Nan, Alie Tacq, Dewi Kopp, and Chiara Ausiello (2023 Masterclass); Helenie Demir, Flora Lehmann, Dušan Janković, and Mohana Zwaga (2024 Masterclass).

I’d also like to thank Kári Driscoll for his advice and Marc Versluis for the tech support.