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Perpetrator Studies Network


The Perpetrator Studies Network organizes an annual conference with varying themes relating to perpetrators and perpetration.

The first conference, Encountering Perpetrators of Mass Killings, Political Violence, and Genocide, took place in September 2015 at Winchester University, UK, and it explored a wide variety of issues, such as typologies, motivations, agency, gender, testimony, memory and representation, and legal responsibility, among others.

The second conference, Representing Perpetrators of Mass Violence, took place in September 2016 at Utrecht University, NL, and focused more specifically on the issue of representation, including self-representation, representation in the media, fictional representation, legal representation, representation in the accounts and testimonies of victims and survivors, and representation in academic scholarship of various disciplines.

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If you or your institution are interested in hosting a future Perpetrator Studies Network Conference, please contact Susanne Knittel.