Perpetrator Studies Network

Encountering Perpetrators, Winchester, September 2015

Encountering Perpetrators of Mass Killings, Political Violence and Genocide

1-3 September 2015, University of Winchester

Dr Kara Critchell, Research Assistant in History, Centre for German-Jewish Studies, University of Sussex
Dr Emiliano Perra, Senior Lecturer in Modern European History, University of Winchester

Keynote: Prof. Donald Bloxham (University of Edinburgh)

The 20th & 21st centuries have borne witness to mass killings, political violence & genocide. As we move into the new millennium the people who have orchestrated & participated in such acts remain figures of fascination & of revulsion in Western society. Yet despite this enduring fascination, and the importance of understanding the dynamics of violence, there is a reluctance in the public sphere and in education to address the complexities of engaging with or representing these perpetrators.

This reluctance poses the question of just how much is known or understood about those who commit such acts. This interdisciplinary conference aims to confront difficult questions about perpetrators through an exploration of the topic in a variety of memory spaces including literature, film, museums, education, trials & the media.