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Journal of Perpetrator Research

The Journal of Perpetrator Research (JPR) is an inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal committed to promoting the scholarly study of perpetrators of mass killings, political violence and genocide.

The journal fosters scholarly discussions about perpetrators and perpetration across the broader continuum of political violence. JPR does not confine its attention to any particular region or period. Instead, its mission is to provide a forum for analysis of perpetrators of genocide, mass killing and political violence via research taking place within the fields of history, criminology, law, forensics, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, memory studies, psychology, politics, literature, film studies and education. In providing this interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary space the journal moves academic research on this topic beyond, and between, disciplinary boundaries to provide a forum in which robust and interrogative research and cross-curricular discourse can stimulate lively intellectual engagement with perpetrators.

Please visit JPR at https://jpr.winchesteruniversitypress.org


The Journal of Perpetrator Research Editors in Chief
Dr Susanne C. Knittel (University of Utrecht; s.c.knittel@uu.nl)
Dr Emiliano Perra (University of Winchester; Emiliano.Perra@winchester.ac.uk)
Dr Uğur Ümit Üngör (NIOD and University of Amsterdam; u.ungor@niod.knaw.nl)