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Clendinnen, Inga. Reading the Holocaust - 2002

Argues for exploring the Holocaust from victims' and perpetrators' perspective

Daldry, Stephen, dir. The Reader - 2008

Film based on the novel "The Reader" by Bernard Schlink

Damsma, Josje. “Los van nieuw fout en grijs” - 2011

Essay on Dutch historical research on Holocaust

Duguay, Christian, dir. Hitler: The Rise of Evil - 2003

Three-hour mini-series depicting Hitler’s youth and rise to power.

Ent, Michael and Baumeister, Roy. “Obedience, Self-Control, and the Voice of Culture” - 2014

Article claiming that obedience is important for cultural systems

Ernst van Alphen, “Playing the Holocaust,” Mirroring Evil, ed. Norman L. Kleeblatt - 2001

Chapter discussing the pedagogical function of toy-art in Holocaust remembrance

Forti, Simona. New Demons - 2015

A new paradigm for understanding evil and power in the context of biopolitics.

Frank Pierson, dir. Conspiracy - 2001

A recreation of the Wannsee Conference, origin of the Final Solution.

Fujii, Lee Ann. Killing Neighbors - 2009

Group dynamics among perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide

Fulbrook, Mary. “Guilt and Shame among Communities of Experience, Connection and Identification” - 2016

Book chapter on guilt and shame in post-war Germany