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Perpetrator Studies Network


Giesen, Bernhard. “The Trauma of Perpetrators.” - 2016

Explores effects of collective perpetrator trauma on (German) national identity.

Gobodo-Madikizela, Pumla. A Human Being Died that Night - 2003

Interviews with Eugene De Kock; reflections on forgiveness

Gölz, Peter. HaHa Hitler! Coming to Terms with Dani Levy. - 2012

Article on the success or failure of Dani Levy's film Mein Führer

Haslam, Alexander and Reicher, Stephen. “When Prisoners Take Over the Prison” - 2012

Essay on the BBC Prison Study focusing on resistance

Heschel, Susannah. “Does Atrocity Have a Gender?” - 2004

Essay on the role of feminist theory and perpetrators

Hinton, Alexander L. Man or Monster? - 2016

A study of the actions and trial of the Khmer Rouge torturer known as Duch.

Hirschbiegel, Oliver. Der Untergang - 2004

A film on Hitler's last days in his bunker

Höss, Rudolf. Commandant of Auschwitz - 1956

Höss’s autobiography, detailing the running of Auschwitz.

Ismee Tames, “Ashamed about the Past: The Case of Nazi Collaborators and Their Families in Post-war Dutch Society” - 2016

Book chapter exploring shame and shaming of Dutch Nazi collaborators

Jinks, Rebecca. “Responding to Genocide” - 2016

Chapter on normative framework for responding to the Holocaust