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Levi, Primo. The Drowned and the Saved - 1986

Book of essays on Holocaust; famous discussion of gray zone

Littell, Jonathan. The Kindly Ones [Les Bienveillantes] - 2006

Fictional autobiography by a non-repentant SS officer, based on historical facts

Milgram, Stanley. Obedience to Authority - 1974

Milgram's account of his famous obedience experiments

Nemes, László, dir. Son of Saul - 2015

Fiction film about Sonderkommando member in Auschwitz

Oppenheimer, Joshua, dir. The Act of Killing - 2012

Documentary about the perpetrators of the Indonesian mass killings of 1965-66

Overy, Richard. Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Circumstances - 2014

Essay on the Milgram experiment and Nazi culpability

Pearce, Caroline. “The Role of German Perpetrator Sites in Teaching and Confronting the Nazi Past” - 2010

Teaching about perpetrators at German sites of memory

Reicher, Stephen and Haslam, Alexander. “Questioning the Banality of Evil” - 2007

New insights on group dynamics

Reicher, Stephen, Alexander Haslam, and Arthur G. Miller. What Makes a Person a Perpetrator? - 2014

Critical discussion of the Milgram experiments

Reicher, Stephen; Alexander Haslam and Rakshi Rath. “Making a Virtue of Evil” - 2008

Essay on development of collective hate