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Aftermath of the Holocaust and Genocides

Edited by Victoria Khiterer and Erin Magee. This book illuminates unknown aspects of the aftermath of the Holocaust and genocides, and discusses trials of Holocaust and genocide perpetrators, commemoration of…

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Sharing the Burden of Stories from the Tutsi Genocide

By Anna-Marie de Beer. This book deals with literary representations of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Its focus is a transnational, polyphonic writing project entitled Rwanda: écrire par devoir…

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Children of the Holocaust

By Paul R. Bartrop and Eve E. Grimm. This book is a comprehensive examination of the people, ideas, movements, and events related to the experience of children during the Holocaust….

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Hitler and His Allies in World War Two

By Jonathan Adelman. In an area where in-depth studies of Hitler’s relations with Nazi Germany’s allies, and the failure of Nazi Germany to make more effective use of them during…

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