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Comrades: The Wehrmacht from Within

By Felix Römer. Translated by Alex J. Kay. Comrades is a new history of the mentalities of ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers, based on recently discovered intelligence records from the American interrogation camp…

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The Handbook of Psychoanalytic Holocaust Studies

Edited by Ira Brenner. This book is a unique compilation of essays about the genocidal persecution fueling the Nazi regime in World War II. Authors from four continents offer their perspectives,…

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Intellectual Collaboration with the Third Reich: Treason or Reason?

Edited by Maria Björkman, Patrik Lundell and Sven Widmalm. This book investigates the rather neglected “intellectual” collaboration between National Socialist Germany and other countries, including views on knowledge and politics among “pro-German” intellectuals,…

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Holocaust Studies: Critical Reflections

Edited by Steven T. Katz. The great majority of Holocaust scholarship concentrates heavily, if not almost completely, on the Final Solution from the German side. The distinctive feature of this…

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