Perpetrator Studies Network


Special issue of Papeles del CEIC: ‘Perpetrators of Mass Crimes in the Light of the Image. Looks, Identities, Testimonies.’ 

Edited by Vicente Sánchez-Biosca and Lior Zylberman.

This special issue offers a contribution to the field of perpetrator studies based on the analysis of images. In particular, it contributes to the debate on the subject from, and based on cases from, Ibero-America.

The issue features contributions by Mariana Giordano, Lior Zylberman, and Adriana Taboada, Eyleen Faure Bascur, Vicente Sánchez-Biosca, Eduardo Morettin, Marcos Napolitano and Fernando Seliprandy, to which are added —in the Critical Papers section— the works of Mariana Wikinski, Juanjo Monsell and Violeta Ros, as well as an online exhibition by Guatemalan photographer Daniel Hernandez-Sala.

(Articles are in Spanish, with English language abstracts).

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