Perpetrator Studies Network


2 December 2021
20:30 - 22:00

Launch of Pamela Steiner’s Collective Trauma and the Armenian Genocide

The New Books in Perpetrator Studies series continues on 2 December at 20.30 CET, when we will welcome Pamela Steiner to present her book Collective Trauma and the Armenian Genocide: Armenian, Turkish and Azerbaijani Relations since 1839 (Hart Publishing, 2021). The book re-examines more than 100 years of destructive ethno-religious relations among Armenians, Turks, and Azerbaijanis through the novel lens of collective trauma. Focusing on both victims and perpetrators, the book analyses the traumatic events, examines how they motivated the actions of key players, and reveals how profoundly these traumas continue to manifest today among the three peoples.

The event will be moderated by novelist, essayist and Pamuk translator Maureen Freely and the book will be discussed by historian Thomas Kohut, author of Empathy and the Historical Understanding of the Human Past.  

This event will take place online, on zoom. Please register via this link: