Perpetrator Studies Network


2 December 2020

Mobilisation for Hate? Visions of society and small steps towards violence

The ‘Compromised Identities?‘ project is working together with HOPE not Hate to organise the upcoming webinar ‘Mobilisation for Hate? Visions of society and small steps toward violence’. It will be a chance to hear from experts on contemporary and historic racialiced violence exploring changes and continuities in extremism.

In recent years, the far-right internationally has become increasingly mainstream; there have been frequent incidents of political violence, racism and terrorism; and growing popular belief in conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, that call for physical confrontations and undermine trust in notions of truth and scientific expertise.

Are we are moving into a new period of collective political violence? And how can we better understand and respond to the current situation in the light of the history of past violence?

This round-table probes the relations between collective violence and the socio-political contexts that facilitate it, examining the ways in which participation in collective violence has developed both historically and today.

The webinar will take place on December 2nd. Registration is free.