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Mass Violence and Memory in the Digital Age: Memorialization Unmoored

By Eve Monique Zucker and David J. Simon.

This volume explores the shifting tides of how political violence is memorialized in today’s decentralized, digital era. The book enhances our understanding of how the digital turn is changing the ways that we remember, interpret, and memorialize the past. It also raises practical and ethical questions of how we should utilize these tools and study their impacts. Cases covered include memorialization efforts related to the genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Europe (the Holocaust), and Armenia; to non-genocidal violence in Haiti, and the Portuguese Colonial War on the African Continent; and of the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Eve Monique Zucker is Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, USA, and a research affiliate at Yale University, USA. She is the author of Forest of Struggle: Moralities of Remembrance in Upland Cambodia (2013).

David J. Simon is Director of the Genocide Studies Program and Senior Lecturer of Political Science at Yale University, USA.