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Darfur Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide

Edited by Alexis Herr.

Stretching beyond Darfur to situate Sudan within the scope of its African, colonial, human rights, and genocidal history, this reference work explores every aspect of the Darfur Genocide. Covering hundreds of years, this book explores the religious, ethnic, and cultural roots of Sudanese identity-making and how it influenced the shape of the genocide that erupted in 2004. As the first reference guide on the Darfur Genocide, this text will enable readers to explore an array of critical topics related to the atrocities in Sudan. The book opens with seven key essays collectively providing an overview of the genocide, its causes and consequences, international reaction, and profiles on the main perpetrators, rescuers, and witnesses. These are followed by entries on such crucial topics as the African Union, child soldiers, the Janjaweed, and the Lost Boys of Sudan. Leading scholars offer perspective essays on whether the conflict in Darfur is a just case for intervention, and on the primary cause of the Darfur Genocide. More than a dozen expertly curated documents enrich readers’ ability to understand the complexity of the genocide.

Alexis Herr is a lecturer at San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco. She is editor of Rwandan Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide and author of The Holocaust and Compensated Compliance in Italy: Fossoli di Carpi, 1942–1952. Her work has been supported by the Pearl Resnick Postdoctoral Fellowship in Advanced Shoah Studies, the European Historical Research Infrastructure Fellowship, and the Holocaust Educational Foundation Fellowship.

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