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International Crimes: Law and Practice, volume 1 – Genocide

By Guénaël Mettraux.

Judge Mettraux’s four-volume compendium, International Crimes: Law and Practice, will provide the most detailed and authoritative account to-date of the law of international crimes. It is a scholarly tour de force providing a unique blend of academic rigour and an insight into the practice of international criminal law. This first volume discusses in detail the law of genocide: its definition, elements, normative status, and relationship to the other core international crimes. While the book is an invaluable tool for academics and researchers, it is particularly suited to legal practitioners, guiding the reader through the practical and evidential challenges associated with the prosecution of international crimes.

Guénaël Mettraux acts as counsel for defendants charged with international crimes. For the past decade, he has been appearing before various international criminal courts and tribunals. Among his clients are General Sefer Halilovic (first commander of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Ljube Boskoski (then Minister of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia). He has published extensively in the field of international criminal law and procedure, including three books with Oxford University Press.

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