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The Indonesian Genocide of 1965: Causes, Dynamics and Legacies

Edited by Katharine McGregor, Jess Melvin and Annie Pohlman.

This collection of essays by Indonesian and foreign contributors offers new and highly original analyses of the mass violence in Indonesia which began in 1965 and its aftermath. Fifty years on from one the largest genocides of the twentieth century, they probe the causes, dynamics and legacies of this violence through the use of a wide range of sources and different scholarly lenses.

This volume:

  • Aims to situate the mass violence which engulfed Indonesia in the mid-1960s within the field of comparative genocide studies
  • Brings together cutting edge and interdisciplinary research by both established and emerging scholars of the 1965 genocide
  • Reveals different dimensions of the genocide and how its effects continue to impact Indonesian society today

Katharine McGregor is Associate Professor in Southeast Asian History and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Jess Melvin is Rice Faculty Fellow in Southeast Asian Studies and Post-Doctoral Associate in Genocide Studies at Yale University, USA. Annie Pohlman is Lecturer in Indonesian at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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