Perpetrator Studies Network


Perpetrating Genocide: A Criminological Account

By network member Kjell Anderson.

Focusing on the relationship between the micro level of perpetrator motivation and the macro level normative discourse, this book offers an in-depth explanation for the perpetration of genocide. It is the first comparative criminological treatment of genocide drawn from original field research, based substantially on the author’s interviews with perpetrators and victims of genocide and mass atrocities, combined with wide-ranging secondary and archival sources. Topics covered include: perpetration in organizations, genocidal propaganda, the characteristics of perpetrators, decision-making in genocide, genocidal mobilisation, coping with killing, perpetrator memory and trauma, moral rationalization, and transitional justice.

This book will be highly useful to students and scholars with an interest in genocide and the causes of mass violence. It will also concern policy-makers engaged with the issues of genocide and conflict prevention.

Kjell Anderson is an interdisciplinary scholar specialized in the study of mass violence, and is currently an Affiliated Research Fellow of the Centre for International Criminal Justice at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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