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21 October 2016
00:15 - 00:30
The American University of Paris

Legal Legacies of Genocide: From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Courts

In this inaugural conference, the George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention invites you to examine the evolving relationship between the law and extreme forms of mass violence, particularly genocide, since the convening of the International Military Tribunals at Nuremberg and Tokyo. How have the international courts of justice shaped contemporary law in the field of genocide and crimes against humanity? Has this body of law served to deter genocide? Has the law tamed power? What are the models for and challenges of constructing international criminal law?

This conference will provide a forum for jurists, historians, social scientists and political theorists to address these questions, examining the search for justice in response to mass violence and the ways that search has unfolded inside and outside of courtrooms. The first half of this one-day conference will explore the relationship between justice and genocide intra muros—inside the courtroom.The second part of the conference will consider the relationship between justice and genocide extra muros—outside the courtroom.

The full conference programme can be accessed here : https://www.aup.edu/sites/default/files/Legal%20Legacies%20of%20Genocide%20Program%20%28september%208%29.pdf