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Call for Papers: Dehumanisation in Literature – the Figure of the Perpetrator

The New Series of The Anachronist invites academic papers for its 2019 issue (to be published in early 2020), featuring a thematic section on “Dehumanization in Literature: the figure of the perpetrator,”as well as a general section with papers in any field of English and American literature, culture and literary theory, including reviews of books published in the last two years.  

Dehumanisation is the denial of humanness to humans, the representation and/or treatment of certain people as “less than human”, which has serious social, political, and psychological consequences. This issue invites papers that examine literary representations of the experience of perpetrators. We are especially interested in intersectional approaches (combining race/gender/class/religion/dis-ability, etc), analyses that focus on the problem of empathy and narrative empathy, papers addressing the difference between dehumanising representations and representations of dehumanisation. However, we are open to any approach with a focus on the figure of the perpetrator, and/or the “grey zone” between perpetration and victimhood.

The renewed deadline for submission for both sections of this issue is 30 November 2019.

The New Series of The AnaChronisT is an international peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Department of English Studies at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. It is indexed by major research databases, and appears annually. For submission guidelines and further information, visit the website or email anachronist.journal@gmail.com.